CBSE seeks to reform it’s continuous evaluation system

While on one hand, there are allegations of formalizing the ethos of education and to liberate the stiffened scope of education, the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), in an unprecedented move, has decided to invite feedback from parents for the continuous and comprehensive evaluation of its curriculum across the nation.

The CBSE has requested schools, parents and students alike, to opinionate on the Continuous and Comprehensive( CCE) System. The feedback has been demanded in order to ameliorate the reforms and further strengthen the scheme, which has been based upon a circular circulated by CBSE.

According to the board, the scheme would help students in developing cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills; while also laying standards upon the thought process which covers intensive memorization by the students, an art which seems to be fading in the world of google and e-books.

Not stopping at a simple memorization of the educational rigmaroles, the CBSE has moved a step ahead to stress upon the importance of thought process over standard dailies of memorization and hence in turn has uploaded a circular for principals, students, teachers and parents which, according to the board, states that the CBSE is in the process of reforming and strengthening the CCE.

According to principal of Ryan International School, Kandvli, Mumbai, Anjali Bowen, “I saw the circular and I think the CBSE could be planning a modification in the CCE scheme. It is good that the board is asking for feedback from its stakeholders,” she said.

It is expected by the CBSE that such measures would help in strengthening and reforming the machinery of CCE. However, a slight glitch continues to haunt the policy. The notice comes in the wake of Ganpati festival across the country, due to which most of the schools, which remain closed have unable to follow the notifications.

Commenting upon it, Raj Aloni, principal of Kharghar’s Ramsheth Thakur Public School said that “Maybe this is a part of the new education policy. I have not seen the circular as our school is closed for the Ganpati festival. As soon as it opens, we will check what instructions the board has sent.”

When contacted, the chairman of CBSE, Vineet Joshi, speaking upon the importance of involving parents, commented that, “We cannot reach everywhere. But parents deal at individual level and can reach schools to monitor how CCE has been practiced on daily basis. These parents will be a link between the schools, parents and the Board.”

[Via IndiaToday]
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