CBSE : No more answer sheets re-evaluation for Class 12 students

From the next year, class 12 students will not be able to apply for re-evaluation of their answer sheet, CBSE said. The facility was introduced by the Central Board of Secondary Education in the year 2014 and now the Board has decided to do away with this practice. In the past, it has been seen that the students used to get their papers re-check and after that, their score also used to increase. The re-evaluation of the papers used to happen for around 10 subjects for class XII examinations.

The Board officials cited that the number of students who apply for re-evaluation is only 1.8% and the number of beneficiaries who apply for the evaluation is even less, hence it is better to scrap the process. R K Chaturvedi, chairperson, CBSE, said, “The Central Board of Secondary Education’s governing body gave its assent to the decision recently but a system would be put in a place so that “genuine cases” got looked into.”

He further added, “Students can put in an application at the regional office and a committee can be formed to look into the need for re-evaluation.”

Two separate committees will also be formed to look into the whole matter. One committee would overlook the existing laws of the board and the other one will look into the systems of examinations. The committees have been formed considering that a lot of schools do break the rules set by the Board and in order to make sure that all the rules are enforced, CBSE needs to make strong teams.

CBSE will also be taking into consideration CTET examination to be held next year. The examination will be held online from now as they are now considering a lot of digital initiatives. Also, the students will also get their certificates in the form of digital copies. CBSE is also working on a number of apps and they would be helping all the students and guiding them to their respective centres. Just a few days ago, it was reported that the CBSE is planning to bring back Class 10 board exams, however, the decision is yet to be taken in this regard.

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