CBSE likely to introduce skill development course in 9th & 10th standard

CBSE In the latest announcement, the Central Board of Secondary Education in India disclosed the addition of Skill Development in the curriculum of 9th and 10th standards. The above agenda has already been discussed on Human Resource Development Ministry and CBSE levels. All the pre-requisites and important aspects pertaining to the addition of the subject have already been discussed.

The subject would be added as a compulsory or an elective subject with effect from the 2017-18 sessions.

CBSE organises examination under the purview of continuous and comprehensive evaluation system (CCE). The step is being taken in compliance with the Prime Minister’s Make in India Campaign, wherein great emphasis has been paid on Skill Development.  At present, the subjects being taught in 9th and 10th standards under CBSE includes English, Hindi, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies.

How will the subject be developed?

The inclusion of Skill Development in the curriculum of 9th and 10th standards has already been discussed. The subject will either be added as compulsory or an elective. The first phase of the subject development would be the selection of subjects that are more employment generating. It the second phase, the specialists of the subject would prepare the curriculum to be taught under each subject. The final phase would be the decision of the subject weightage, its relevance in private and government sectors and other related issues.

Potential subjects:

The subjects that are likely to be added to the curriculum are Food & Nutrition, Online Supply System, Photoshop, Mobile app development, auto shop, Electrical fitting and repair, Interior designing, Home services and food supply, Principles of gardening, Art, and craft, Social audit, Accounting, etc. These subjects would be taught on a standard basis.

Presently, only 11th and 12th standards under CBSE are being taught some vocational courses like Financial Market Management, Tally, Insurance, Travel and Tourism, Sales and Management, and some others. The students benefit with these subjects at a certain level as they get the initial ideas to choose the right career further.

The inclusion of skill development in the 9th and 10th standard is likely to help students in having a better future perspective. It is yet to see if the subject would be compulsory or as an elective.

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