CBSE Schools Introduced Skill Development Courses from Class IX & X

By | June 29, 2018

CBSE Schools Introduced Skill Development Courses from Class IX & X, CBSE Board 9th 10th Skill Development Courses 

The Central Board of Secondary Education offered skill development courses to the Class IX, X, XI and XI students. Based on the changes in curriculum, The CBSE gave the order to the all affiliated schools for introducing skill development vocational courses which help to improve the job market skills from Class 9th onwards. To provide awareness regarding the skill development courses, the central board of secondary education started training class to some specified schools. For this, the affiliated schools have to tie up with related institutes.

CBSE revealed a list of courses offered. There is a total of 11 skill development courses of retail, information technology, health and beauty, automobile, design, mass media and media production, banking and insurance, security, hospitality and tourism, music production, and medical diagnostics etc. Central Board of secondary education recruited the 35 skill developers for 11 areas.

CBSE Board Skill Development Courses for 9th 10th

We can observe several rapid physiological changes and psychosocial maturation changes in the world from our childhood to the adult stage. Adolescence is the stage to when we have to extend our relationship from family, friends to outside world. At this stage, you have capable of better articulation, abstract thinking, and of developing an independent ideology. To enhance f idealism, creativity, buoyancy and a spirit of adventure capabilities of the people, the CBSE introduced skill development courses.

CBSE Board Skill Development Courses for 9th 10th

Skills development courses give basic knowledge regarding the work environment which leads to achieving bright career. Due to this courses, students come out from the school as graduates. And the Central Board of secondary education offered to opt out from a choice of this courses for affiliated schools in order to enhance student’s skills in interested fields. It not only helps to get jobs but also helps to select the desired course in their higher education.

Key issues that you can have are listed below

  • Developing an Identity
  • Managing Emotions
  • Building Relationships
  • Resisting Peer Pressure
  • Acquiring Information, Education, and Services on issues of Adolescence
  • Communicating and Negotiating safer life situations

Self-awareness, Empathy, Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Decision making, Problem Solving, Effective communication, Interpersonal relationship, coping with stress and Coping with emotion are ten life skills that should have to a person had suggested by WHO.

Everyone should have life skills and livelihood skills to build your successful careers. Life Skills means “the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”. Livelihood skills defined as occupational/vocational skills means that capabilities, resources as well as opportunities to achieve personal and household economic goals which are related to income generation. So we can that the Life-skills and livelihood skills are distinct. In Order to enhance all these skills, the CBSE started to teach various skill development courses in their affiliated schools. Thinking, social and emotional skills also play a crucial role in your list.

In my opinion, CBSE introduced the awesome idea. Development of thinking ability and problem-solving leads everyone to become a successful person in their life. Hope to implement all schools in our country to develop our nation.

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