CBSE initiates year-long ‘Heritage India Quiz’, to aware students about history

In order to increase the awareness about the heritage monuments among the students of India, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has started an initiative ‘Heritage India Quiz’.

cbse heritage india quiz

CBSE’s Heritage India Quiz

This scheme has been introduced by CBSE with the objective to indulge the students to know more about our Indian History as well as the importance of the monuments, which have been declared as ‘heritage’ by the government.

This initiative was started in year 2001 and since this scheme has been successfully generating enthusiasm among the children. Under this scheme, CBSE conducts a quiz competition known as ‘Heritage India Quiz’, which has been conducted by the board since the establishment of this scheme in order to make students more interested about knowing the history of India.

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It is believed by the authorities that students should learn about the heritage of India which would make them understand the values, history and beliefs behind a particular monument. Students will also learn about the socio-cultural aspect of our country.

Therefore, in order to learn and explore more about the local heritage so that they could easily meet the demands of the students, CBSE has launched a website on Heritage Education This would not only help the teachers but also the students to know more about the heritage monuments across the nation as well as across the globe.

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Sungandh Sharma, CBSE Additional Director (research and innovation) has issued a circular to all the institutions under CBSE board which states that, “The objective of a yearlong quiz aims to inform the students about the inter link between the culture and heritage and the need of sustainable socio-economic development alongside modernization.”

According to the officials, this year the students studying in CBSE schools in North-East zone will also be asked to take part in this competition. The main aim of this scheme is to promote interest and awareness among the students of India, so this competition is expected to reach to every students across the nation

This year the following quiz competition would take place in three stages. The first stage includes competition between the schools or students at a city level then the qualified students will be passed on to the regional level and finally to the national level. In the competition, schools were asked to select any monument preferably in the vicinity. Then after selecting the monument the next step is to collect information about the monument which could be related to anything such as literature, architecture, stories, myths, facts, legends and conservation associated with that particular monument.

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