CBSE directs schools to form an inclusion committee for children with special needs

The CBSE schools direct the “school inclusion committee” that incorporates four members such as special educator, school counselor, teacher representative and the principal. This program helps to promote inclusive education along with the neighboring areas that make education attain the distinct position in the country. Principal would be recognized as the chairperson of the committee who would be responsible to make certain decisions about the activities of the team. In India, many children do not receive proper education and in strong need of serious help. In this respect, the new program would be the real time opportunity for them to build up a new standard of living.

children with special needs

It’s often that at many places across the country children are not able to reach the schools due to poverty or other reason. The CBSE schools therefore come out with the education that safeguards the interests of the children with special needs. Moreover, it would be helpful to avoid the discrimination that’s one of the most threatening things hampering the overall social status. The entire population would become benefitted with the particular program and even the children can realize the effective ways to fulfill their dreams.

Now, here is a brief look onto the activities that would be looked upon by the committee. See the points below:

Admission procedure
Classroom placements
Selection of curriculum
Exemptions after exams

All the features would be developed keeping in mind of the special needs for the children who would be provide the education ensuring a better future. Also, it would enhance the public interest regarding education and thus no children would get refrained from the right to education. It would even eliminate any sort of harassment that the children may face while approaching to acknowledge education for life.

Finally, the CBSE schools committee would prepare the panel representing the kids with special needs who would receive the opportunity to get educated. According to the Right to Education Act 2009, the SBSE schools have started the venture to spread the lights of education ensuring no kid would devoid of the educational benefits that are useful to build up the career in the right way. At present, the new decision would become even more helpful and the students would experience the hopeful features that they can get from the lessons they learn at schools revealing the real importance of edification.

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