CBSE date sheet for 2018 exams and the students’ dillema

After much speculations and delays, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) finally announced that date sheet for Class 10 and Class 12 Board examinations. The examinations are scheduled to begin from March 5, 2018. According to the CBSE date sheet 2018, the exams for Class 10, in which 16,38,552 students are expected to appear, will conclude on April 4. While Class 12 examinations will end on April 12.

The first exam for Class 10 is of the subject Information and Communication Technology, while class 12 students will be appearing for the English paper. This will be the first board exam for Class 10 students after the CBSE decided to junk the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) and reintroduce the board exams.

Following the release of CBSE date sheet 2018, there has been a mixed response from the students, teachers, and schools. So much so was the response that enraged students, parents and teachers called for changes in the date sheet. Undoubtedly, the schedule for Class 12 board examinations would have been decided after taking into a number of factors such as competitive exams, admissions, etc.

cbse date sheet 2018
As CBSE date sheet for 2018 examination has been officially released, the students should now concentrate on final preparations for the upcoming board exams.

The students and parents are angry over the fact that board has scheduled the History exam on March 20 followed by Mathematics on March 21, raising concerns that preparations could get severely affected and cause stress with no break in between. Why stress? Why no preparations? A days study will take them nowhere, still there is time. If CBSE keeps on entertaining such requests, when will they do preparations for other things?

The coveted Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for entrance to technical institutions is scheduled for April 8, a day before the Physical Education exam. Three exams have been scheduled without a break from April 5 to 7 for students of the Humanities stream – Psychology on April 5, Political Science on April 6 and Legal Studies on April 7. The Physical Education paper has been scheduled for April 9, after the gap of a day.

For this, CBSE officials have clarified that some papers do not have any gap. As per the present system, the students opt for subjects from different streams for the board exams and it was not possible to keep the exams apart. Further, they said, “there are around 200 subjects out of which students can have any combination. Students have such subject combination that science students take up one from the Humanities and Commerce subjects and vice-versa. So, no matter how much we try some subjects might not get as many gap days as others.”

The exams are starting in the first week of March and are concluding by the first week of April. On the other hand, the students also want to get free early to focus on competitive exams. There could be some subject combinations where there is not much gap but the board also has so many other considerations while making the date sheet.

The entire exercise will be completed in 38 days that will give more time for evaluation. Nearly 11.86 lakh students are scheduled to appear for the Class 12 exam. These concerns and objections know no end. CBSE is also under extreme pressures for it is the organizing body of many other entrance exams.

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