CBSE confirms Class 10 Board Exams compulsory in 2018

Recently, CBSE has passed a resolution according to which class X board exams will be made mandatory from 2018. HRD Ministry had put a proposal wherein they wanted to bring back the old structure. Prakash Javadekar, HRD Minister had also confirmed that board exams will be back soon.

The resolution was passed on Wednesday and it was announced that board exams will be made mandatory from 2018. Besides this, CBSE is also planning to make some other changes in the curriculum. The Board will be continuing with the three language formula. As of now, the students can drop a subject in class 8, but if three language formula is implemented, the students will have to write one more paper. For the students who are in class 9 right now, they will be given a choice by the board to either sit for board exams or class based exams. Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation will still be there.

In the year 2009, Class 10 board exams were made optional by the CBSE. After that, Comprehensive Continuous Evaluation was launched. But from 2018, the board exams will start again. As of now, class 9 students are exempted, but class 8 students will have to appear for board exams. The Board will also be sending a circular to all the schools. The marking scheme will remain the same with 80 marks allotted for external exams and 20 marks for internal marks.

R.K. Chaturvedi, the Chairperson of CBSE, said, “The decision was taken unanimously by the members of the governing body. Principally, the decision was to roll back the system to the pre CCE pattern of examination. What remains now to be answered is the extent of rollback. It also raises questions regarding the changes in the Exam Policy and Pattern. The official and detailed circular awaited from CBSE would surely clarify the same.”

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