CBSE issues circular, mandates first aid training for all students

Central Board of Secondary Education has been asking all the affiliated schools to impart first aid training to the students and staff. As per the circular issued by CBSE on November 24 all the all Heads of affiliated schools have been asked to include first aid as one of the eight co-curricular activities in the scheme of examination.

first aid training for cbse students
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In lieu of the bye laws of Board, all the schools have been issued orders to appoint heath and physical education teacher and that the appointed teacher shall be responsible to make arrangements for delivering first aid in schools. The appointed teacher should be given special training imparted by first aid training agencies.

As per the circular signed by D. T. Sudharsan Rao, Joint Secretary and IC (Academics and Training), “The efforts by CBSE (is to) particularly include the comprehensive coverage of the topics, First Aid and Basic Emergency Care in  the Health and Wellness Manuals. The incorporation of the topic of First Aid in the subject of Disaster Management and inclusion of First Aid as one of the eight co-curricular activities in the scheme of examination.”

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The schools have been asked to maintain one fully stocked first-aid box for each possible site in the school. CBSE has maintained that there should be adequate and appropriate equipment and facilities for providing first aid in school premises and also off the premises whilst on visits. Even in the sports fields and any off-school activities, additional first aid box should be kept first. Annual revaluation needs to be done so as to make sure that the school’s first aid provisions are enough.

If in case the duly appointed physical education teacher is on leave then during the lunch breaks the substitute teacher should take the charge. And for the same all the staff members should be encouraged to undergo first aid training so that they are always ready to take care of the sick and injured. As per the notification a teacher should be appointed who can keep a check over the contents of the box and make them get replenished as soon as they are used. The expiry dates items should be discarded.

Even the schools have been asked to make sure that only a limited quantity of corrosive chemicals sufficient for meeting one time requirement should be provided to students in Chemistry/Biology/Physics laboratories. The purveyor of chemicals must ensure that the previously issued quantities of the chemicals have been completely consumed in various processes by students before issuing any fresh supply.

The teachers duly appointed for the first aid training will be required to keep a track of the pupils with special health needs or disabilities. On the whole, the schools have been requested to go to any extent to provide, in so far as reasonably feasible, a safe and healthy environment to students. They should feel secure physically as well as emotionally.

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