CBSE brings considerable changes to class X, XII assessment scheme

As per the latest release by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the students of Class XII do not have the choice to elect a few subjects. CBSE said that 7 elective subjects and 34 vocational courses are being taken off the list of the subject for class XII from the upcoming academic year 2017-18.

The decision of striking off these subjects from the list was taken because of the lower number of students opting them.

The CBSE has released a set of guidelines instructing schools to stop offering philosophy, creative writing and translation studies, heritage craft, graphic design, human rights and gender studies, theater studies, and library and information science as academic electives from the upcoming academic session, 2017-18. However, those students who chose these subjects in Class XI of the present academic session will continue to have the same electives.


Wherein from the list of vocational subjects, poultry nutrition and physiology, management of dairy animals, health education, communication, confectionary, music aesthetics, office communication, first aid and emergency medical care, and integrated transport operations have been removed as a choice.

The CBSE’s official website has the full notification with the name of the subjects that have been withdrawn.

Aligned with the same, the board has also planned to remodel assessment of the elective system for the students of class X, another CBSE press note says. As of now, there are schools offering vocational subjects as compulsory subjects under the purview of National Skill Qualification Framework.  The student would be offered a choice to opt a vocational course which will be counted as a sixth subject, an addition to the existing five subjects. In case a student fails in any of the elective subjects that are Science, social science, and mathematics the subject would be replaced with the vocational subject and the marks obtained in the same will be taken up for assessment of the final subject.

In the ongoing Board examination, only six students have opted for retail services, 11 students for health center management, 34 for confectionary courses, 16 students for integrated transport operations and 55 students for front office operations.

The action taken by the board to cut short the list of vocational subjects would help them in shortening the long schedule of the examination. The schedule can now be made up to a month against the normal date sheet of 45 days.

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