CBI probe ordered into teacher recruitment scam

teacher recruitment scamOdisha: The school and education department has asked for a Crime Branch investigation into the matter of false recruitment of school teachers under the ‘Ujjwal’ scheme launched by the government.

In order to endow an enhanced high-quality primary education to students and teachers, the government initiated ‘UJJWAL’ Yojana in 2016. The conclusion of an advanced investigation has been taken after the Mass Ed-department found a ‘sham letter’ regarding the responsibility given to DLFS. Therefore, it was realised that a private organisation named as Diligence Learning Focus society Trust (DLFS) had been assigning the selection of school teachers which government was not aware of as per the received information.

As per the evaluated reports, DLFS supposedly managed to acquire the bogus signature of Mass Ed-department and school’s Joint Secretary. These were sent to almost all district education officers (DEOs).

Badri Narayan Patra, School and Mass Education Minister said, “It has come to our notice and already the School and Mass Education Department Secretary has been asked to refer it to the Crime Branch,”

Further, Ranjana Chopra has informed the media that, “We don’t recognise DLFS. We have no idea as to whether it exists or not. We had not signed any MoU with the agency in relation to the Ujjwal program or on engagement or appointment of teachers.

In the forged letter, education officers and DEOs were intentionally asked to permit the committed school teachers selected on the willingly basis by DLFS. As soon as the illuminated scam came to the front, Odisha government has been providing elucidation that the particular letter subjected in the name of school education department was bogus. Particularly, numerous people have suffered victimisation in the hands of DLFS due to the false recruitment cheat.

One of the victims said, “The official of the company had demanded Rs 50,000 while I had paid him Rs 20,000 to get a teaching job,”

Even though, apparent commands were provided to the education department, particularly to the Deans of primary and higher primary schools not to appoint unsanctioned teachers to educate in schools, the whole scam prevailed.

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