Analysis of CAT 2016 as the results announced

Common Admission Test, more popularly known as the CAT was held on the 4 December 2016. CAT is a mandatory test for admission of a student in one of several management institutes in the country which include the 20 IIMs and over 100s of other B-schools. The results of CAT 2016 were announced on 9th January.

There were over 1.95 lakh students who appeared for the CAT 2016, which is a significantly higher number than the number of people who appeared for CAT 2015. The general analysis performed by experts suggest that the CAT exam paper this year was difficult for both the slots compared to the last year exam paper. The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning sections were difficult as well, however, the verbal section of the paper was easier but lengthier compared to the question papers of previous years.

The number one sought out B-school remains to be the IIM Ahmedabad which is offering 385 seats this year. The exam itself consists of 100 questions, a 3-hour time limit, and maximum marks of 300. Any student scoring about 250 marks is expected to score a 100 percentile result as per the trends, while a score of 155 or more ensures a 99 percentile result. The CAT paper this year consisted of multiple choice and non-multiple choice questions spread in a rough ratio of 3:1 throughout its various categories. The cut off for top IIM institutes which include the IIM A, B, and C, is 99 percentile result while other IIMs follow a 90 percentile cut-off criteria.

The difficulty level for various categories is as follows:

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension: Moderate difficulty level, 34 questions

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: High difficulty level, 32 questions

Quantitative Ability: Moderate to High difficulty level, 34 questions.

A good attempt to the paper can be considered answering more than 65 questions out of 100, with an accuracy of 85%.

Around 14,000 students from the total population of exam takers, have scored either 0 or less than zero in the CAT 2016 paper.

Although securing a score of 150 over 300, which is 50 percentage of the total result can seem to get you a good percentile of over 90, it was seen that the overall difficulty of the paper and the negative marking style made it difficult for people from all around the country to secure a good result.

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