Cambridge university introduces written assessment test for admission process

The UK’s renowned Cambridge University is going to conduct a written test for the admission process. Apart from written test, the university will also conduct an interview round. This announcement will be active from the academic year 2017.

cambridge university assessment test

Since the 1980s, the university discontinued these entrance exams and now it brought again in the line with the competitor, Oxford University. This information has been forwarded to all major schools and colleges of the UK.

Dr. Sam Lucy, the university’s director of admissions, wrote, “The colleges of the University of Cambridge are introducing a system of common format written assessments for the applicants, specially tailored to each subject. This will provide admissions tutors with valuable additional evidence of our applicant’s academic abilities, knowledge base and potential to succeed in the Cambridge course for which they have applied.”

She also said the move has been considered on the basis of students’ and teachers’ feedback. This decision will groove and simplify the existing use of written assessments and will develop new ways to maintain the effectiveness and fairness of the admission system.

Read more about the test here.

On the basis of applied courses, written assessment will be undertaken either at-interview or pre-interview.

For easier administration of all schools and colleges, the pre-interview test will be held on the same day as Oxford university pre-interview test. The pre-interview test will start from November and at-interview test will held in December usually on the same day as the interview.

Pre-interview written assessment courses include medicine, economics, engineering, English, history and natural science while at-interview written assessment includes computer science, architecture, archaeology, law and philosophy etc.

There has been some confusion regarding preparation strategy but the university cleared that it should not require the extra subjects to prepare, revision of relevant subject would be sufficient. It would be seen how this new strategy will affect previous admission process.

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