Cambridge University raises record funds

Outgoing Vice-Chancellor Leszek Borysiewicz has said that the age old respected Cambridge University has raised a record sum of 210 million pounds in one year from friends, benefactors and alumni including those from India.

This is the largest amount of funds raised in the university’s centuries-old history.

The sum was raised by the university and its 31 colleges as part of a 2-billion-pound “Dear World…Yours, Cambridge” campaign. The campaign focuses on the university’s impact on the world.

Borysiewicz is to be succeeded by the Toronto-based law scholar Stephen Toope on October 1, 2017 which is the beginning of the academic year. Toope’s nomination to the key post was announced last week.

Borysiewicz said: “Philanthropy is critical to us. It underpins our academic autonomy, and allows us to deliver our transformative research. It brings the best people to study and work with us. They are the people who will produce ideas that change the world”.

“Philanthropy is the catalyst for discovery – and it ensures that discoveries continue, even at a time of unparalleled financial challenges. To all of our benefactors we owe our immense, continued gratitude,” he added.

In 2011, the university had exceeded its target of raising 1 billion pounds during the course of its 800th Anniversary Campaign. This was the largest fundraising total announced by a European university.

Over the centuries, a large number of students from India have studied at the University of Cambridge (founded in 1209) including prime ministers and individuals who have held, and hold, prominent positions in Indian public life.

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