Bust the myth; eliminate DU-ism

What do parents generally say to their kids when they are appearing for their 12th board exams – “Do well or do well enough to get a seat in Delhi University“. The latter appears to be the answer given the commotion that one gets to see every year for a seat in the colleges of DU. Hypertension is just a state of mind for passing the boards; the actual tension and struggle commences once the first cut-off of various colleges in DU is announced. Students are seen grappling with the cut-offs business that seems to correspond with the nature of stock exchange market. Newspapers displaying the pictures of these students lined-up to seek admissions is a harsh reality, however; the saddest part of this reality is not everyone gets admission in DU.

With the revelation of the first cut-off with more than half of the seats filled in most of the subjects in all colleges and seats closed in the rest, one can calculate the demanded percentage in these preferred institutions. The shattered souls decide to drop a year and make a fresh attempt in the next year. The idea to waste a year to get admission in their favorite college may not be as prolific as they consider it to be. Not an entirely refuted fact, yet a good college is not always a solution to a successful career. Opting a good college over a preferred course is pure imprudence. Adding more to the indiscretion is the decision not to study anywhere just because one failed to acquire a seat in the desired college.

The experts or the counselors of subjects have always discouraged this frenzy of DU-ism. The options should reflect your disposition to completely participate in whatever you have chosen amongst them. What if the choice does not exist in that preferred college? Living with an undesired course in a desired college is like welcoming imminent monotony in future. These experts might vary in the recommendations but they always echo similarity in their suggestion to keep options widely open at the undergraduate level.  It is imperative to identify with the career one would and would not want to be associated with. Moreover, zeroing in on more than one option might be of great help. Your options automatically get narrowed after ascertaining the right college offering one of your preferred choices.

Remember, not everyone lands up with a job in DU. Other universities might not have had equal share of eminence as that of Delhi University but the former has raked in potential students by offering them good placements. Professional subjects like Management, Journalism and Law have top-notch companies approaching these universities during placements. Even social subjects have an upgraded pattern with a standardized curriculum prescribed. Ambedkar University is one such university in Delhi exclusively dedicated to Social Science and Arts/Humanities. The wunderkinds teaching the students are picked up in a procedural manner. Subjects like Psychology and Economics have a faculty with a mind of mavens. Indraprastha University is another place with professional courses being readily opted. Many colleges under it proffer only one course, thereby, conferring exclusivity on it. It helps the companies ease down their search now that they know where to find their potential workers.

Apart from the above two, there are other independent universities that have succeeded in establishing their names due to their good courses. The idea is to realize that education attainment is beyond Delhi University. Your take would shape up your future only if you determine whether it actually makes a difference if you do not study in a college of Delhi University.

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