BSEB to introduce digital evaluation system in board exams

After the recent spate of scandals concerning cheating in State schools, the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has decided to overhaul the evaluation system and introduce a new digital marking system. Under this system, the evaluators will be given scanned answer sheets which will be checked on the computer screen, and marks will be awarded online.

It should be recalled that the BSEB has suspended the affiliation of 88 schools and intermediate colleges in the wake of the toppers scam.

According to officials, evaluators would now be given scanned answer-sheets. Original copies would be kept in the strong room. An evaluator will have to check the answer-sheet on the computer screen and award marks on a table provided online.

The new system will be introduced in the compartmental examination for Class X and Class XII students, set to be held in November.

BSEB chairman Anand Kishor said: “We will see how the system works in the compartmental examination. We know teachers have to be trained and a huge number of computers would be needed. We plan to use this system in the 2017 Class X and Class XII board exams.”

The board will float tenders to hire an agency for setting up the digital marking system. Teachers would also need to be trained, said officials. CBSE and state boards in Goa and Odisha have already introduced digital evaluation system.

According to officials, the non-availability of hard copies of answersheets with the evaluators is aimed at preventing tampering.

The process of Bihar Board Digital Copy Checking System will be:

  1. All the answer sheets will be kept in District level strong rooms and bar-coding will also be done here.
  2. All the pages of each answer sheet will be scanned and will be uploaded at servers.
  3. These soft copies will be sent to different copy checking centers in Bihar.
  4. Teachers will examine and mark these copies on Computers.

Bihar Board Digital Marking System is offline and all the marks will be uploaded at center wise servers.

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