To counter frauds: BSEB finds a solution in Aadhaar Card

In the fine judgment of Government to prevent falsification of documents! The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has decided to make Aadhaar number or any other valid identity card (if Aadhaar is unavailable) compulsory for filling the forms for class 10 and 12 exams from the year 2018 onwards.

The decision follows the huge shame faced by the State, caused through age-forgery by Ganesh Kumar, the deposed intermediate (arts) topper in Patna, earlier this year. He had falsified his age to be able to take the exam again from Sanjay Gandhi Vidyalaya, Lakshminia in Samastipur. He had manipulated his date of birth as 2nd June 1993, which was later revealed as 7th November 1975.

Owing to this shame, Bihar board has decided that Aadhaar number will be displayed on the admit card of applicants to put off repetition of such embarrassing incidents. The Aadhaar number will be linked at the time of registration to make sure no problem arises while identifying the validity of students. The decision was taken by Anand Kishore, BSEB President after a recently held national-level conclave.

bihar board exam aadhaar card
BSEB plans to make Aadhaar mandatory from 2019.

Aadhaar has been linked for transparency during the processes of exams and genuineness of documents, to restrain scams in the exam, to ensure no false student sits for the exam and to avoid the illegal practice of proxy attendance in the exams.

Last year, on 2nd September 2016, Anand Kishore had a meeting with Ajay Bhushan Pandey, the director general of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) regarding the linking of Aadhaar to the examination process in Patna. The meeting led to a confirmation that a separate field will be given for Aadhaar number on the examination form from 2017.

Anand Kishore remarked, “When the student will apply for examinations, they will have to specify their Aadhaar card number. Whosoever failed to provide Aadhaar number will have to provide a valid reason before the school authority.”

After the National level Conclave on 31st August, Anand Kishore further informed, “From 2019 onwards, Aadhaar number will become compulsory for all exams held by BSEB and alternative identity cards will become inadmissible.”

He added, “It will do away with spelling mistakes in names and age. The CBSE and UGC have already made this mandatory for several important examinations and for all state boards it is now a requirement.”

The CBSE has also made the Aadhaar card compulsory for all students taking JEE (Mains) and NEET examinations. On the other hand, CBSE has put aside the requirement for its schools in 25 foreign countries and instead asked them to upload passport numbers. Moreover, in Delhi University, students are needed to provide the Aadhaar number at the time of admission. Some of the state boards have also decided to make the Aadhaar number compulsory.

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