34 people dead, 186 injured in Brussels attacks at Metro Station and Airport

A number of people died and a lot of them have been found injured in the explosion at the departure hall of the Zaventem Airport in Brussels. Another blast happened at a city metro station. The incident took place on Tuesday morning. According to the Belgian agency Belga, shots were fired and just before the explosion, there were shouts in Arabic.

The blasts took place just four days after the arrest of a suspected participant in the November Paris attacks that killed 130 people. Belgian police is on high alert after the reported explosion at Brussels airport and metro station. The rescue work was initiated soon and passengers were evacuated from the building immediately.

Soon after the news of Brussels attacks surfaced, lots of pictures were uploaded on social media, showing smoke rising from the departure hall of Brussels airport. It can also be seen that the windows have been shattered by the blast. There were also pictures of passengers who were running away.

brussels attacks
Zaventem Airport in Brussels after the bomb blast

Alex Rossi, of Sky News Television, at the scene, said, “I heard two very, very loud explosions. I could feel the building move. There was also dust and smoke as well. I went towards where the explosion came from and there were people coming out looking very dazed and shocked. The thinking here is that it is some kind of terrorist attack – that has not been verified by any of the authorities here at the airport.”

A video was also seen on social media showing the damage at the airport. The Belgian media confirmed that the rail traffic to the airport was suspended. The Brussels airport said that they have cancelled all the flights and everyone has been evacuated.

Salah Abdeslam, prime suspect for November’s Paris attacks, was captured by the Belgian police after the shootout that happened on Friday. Jan Jambon, Belgium’s interior minister, said that they were on high alert as they were expecting a revenge attack after they captured the 26 year old Abdeslam. He said on the radio, “We know that stopping one cell can…push others into action. We are aware of it in this case.”

Francois Mollins, a French investigator, told that Abdeslam was a French citizen and raised in Brussels. While inquiring, he did admit that he wanted to blow himself up as well on the night of the attack that happened in Paris. But, he backed out later due to some reasons.

After the attack, there is high security on the streets. The Mayor of Brussels informed that around 20 people have died along with 106 people injured in metro station blast, while 14 died and 80 injured in airport blasts.

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