British debate over veils continues, Ofsted supports ban on veils in Schools

In Britain, a new subject of debate raised when British PM David Cameron, announced that Muslim women can be banned from wearing veils in schools, courts, and other British institutions. He said it is ‘proper and sensible’ for Muslim women to remove face veils, like niqabs and hijabs, when asked by public officials.

british debate on veils in schools
Ofsted Head Sir Michael Wilshaw has written to all inspector to mark such institutions where veil affects learning

Following it, Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of the Office For Standard in Education, Children’s services and skills (Ofsted) said he has written to all inspectors instructing them to mark down the institutes where they believe the veil hinders learning and social understanding. “We want our schools, where faith schools or non-faith schools, to prepare pupils equally for life in 21st century Britain. We need to be confident our children’s education and future prospects are not being harmed in any way,” he said.

This will surely reignite the Britain’s Muslim population. This move will affect around 16,000 children and 1000 teachers who wear veil in school. Recently, an Islamic School came under the radar of Ofsted when the school suspended one of its pupil for interacting with another student of opposite gender in its premises.

After many cases came where Britain’s Muslim population getting radicalized and travelled to the middle east to support terrorist organizations like ISIL, the government took this decision. Now the government is preparing a series of measures to stop this.

Nicky Morgan, the Education secretary, announced plans to force schools to help students travelling to support jihadist groups such as ISIL. Also, she instructed the school officials to inform council if any student stops attending school without any information.

Also to stop increasing radicalization in Britain, Mr. Cameron announced Muslim women will have to pass a series of English language test who used to come on spouse visas otherwise they will face deportation. This announcement received different reactions.

Stephen Evans, National Secular Society campaign’s manager, said, “Full face veils are obviously inappropriate in a classroom and inhibit communication between staff and pupils. There should be every expectation that pupils and staff can communicate and recognize each other easily in schools. School dress codes will not generally permit face-covering to be worn and no concessions should be made to those who wish to cover their faces on religious grounds.”

On the other hand, director of the Iqra institute in Oxford and former head of an Islamic school criticized this Ofsted’s move and said this was an ‘unjust’ and it was ‘picking on Muslims in particular’. “I believe he’s totally wrong and this is totally unjust. Ofsted is picking on faith schools, especially Muslims schools. There is nothing wrong with wearing the head veil,” he said.

While the whole world is facing terror threat, Britain is making every attempt to outreach its people from any malicious influence. Now it’s up to people how they perceive this move and co-operate UK’s government.

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