Britain attempts to strengthen education ties with India

British Science Minister Jo Johnson announced a wide array of strategies to strengthen the relationship between Britain and India in the education sector this Wednesday. “The future of science and innovation depends on collaboration and India continues to be a vital science partner for the UK,” announced Johnson at the launch of the initiative “Study UK: Discover You”- at the UK TECH Summit held in New Delhi.

“As it emerges from the ‘future of design education’ report, there is an increased demand for designers from India to cater to a large potential market,” said British Council Director Alan Gemmell. He added, “The partnership between UK and India cuts across all segments of the education sector, therefore there is a need to bring together the best practices from both countries to strengthen this bond,” highlighting the collaboration opportunities in the international educational sector.

In the meanwhile, Johnson also announced the launch of a report on ‘the future of design education in India’. He also announced the first annual £1 million Newton Prize, which will recognize and handpick the Newton Fund’s best science or innovation that promotes the economic development and social welfare of the partner countries. “Through the Newton Fund, we’re working together to improve the lives of millions across the world… We are continuing to look at opportunities to expand this partnership to include funding for social science and humanities programmes,” the Minister said.

For the year 2017, the prize committee is keeping an eye open for existing Newton Fund programmes in India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam which stress on the grand societal challenge of public health and well-being, with specific interest on issues like anti-microbial resistance, disease, healthcare, and nutrition.

With an attempt to reach out to the potent digital world, the campaign “Study UK: Discover You” will reflect upon the significance of online research and social media in students’ ability to make choices and informed decisions.

Britain is also working on a trade mission in India as Theresa May along with executives from some of Britain’s best companies arrived in Delhi on Sunday night with an intent to further talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to strengthen the UK’s economic and military ties with India. The prime minister will typecast the mission as an attempt to “reboot an age-old relationship” in the hour of Brexit.

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