Bob Dylan becomes a part of the syllabus at Jadavpur University

Bob Dylan, famous American songwriter, singer, artist, and writer will now be a “special author” for the post graduate students at Jadavpur University. Bob Dylan has influenced a number of people with his popular music and culture. Although, the jury is still confused and is still not able to make up their mind whether Bob Dylan deserved the Nobel Prize for Literature or not. On the other hand, the university seems to have made up their mind by allowing their students to choose ‘Bob Dylan’ as their subject.

The students are allowed to do this from next January. Till now, Bob Dylan was only a part of the music students of Jadavpur University. He was introduced to this course 15 years ago. Jadavpur University is a public state university located in Kolkata. The varsity was established in the year 1955.

Professor Ananda Lal will be teaching this course. He said, “Requests to put Dylan on the syllabus had been coming in for some time, and with the Nobel announcement, it seemed like an appropriate time to start the course. On Tuesday, the proposal was accepted at the internal board of studies meeting of the department of English.” The students at the university, who are fans of Bob Dylan are really happy after hearing this news.

A student, Atrei Chatterjee, said, “The literary tradition is evolving. A course like this will teach us to recognize all forms of written art as literature.”

Prof Ananda Lal said, “The entire segment meant for post-graduate students is devoted to rock music. This four-month semester has Song as a section and Dylan is one of the songwriters to be featured there. He is taught for three or four days.”

He further added, “In the undergraduate level, there is a compulsory section on literature and other arts. One section is devoted to popular song. Within that segment, three songs of Dylan – ‘With God on Our Side’, ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ and ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ are taught. JU’s new Dylan course can be broadly divided into three segments. The first section will be devoted to the literary and musical tradition that inspired him; the second will be on his career and the third on how he influenced his contemporaries. I think this is the first university in India to formally announce such a course on Dylan.”

Famous guitarist, Amyt Datta is happy with this decision and he requests other universities also to follow the Jadavpur University. He said, “In a big university like JU, it is always good to teach students the intellectual presentation of a songwriter. I’ve liked teaching the music of Dylan at JU and am happy that he will now be taught as an author too. I might ask Bertie Da Silva to start such a course in St Xavier’s too.”

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