Board exams will not be rescheduled in Jammu & Kashmir; says Education Minister

Naeem Akhtar, Jammu and Kashmir Education minister
Naeem Akhtar, Jammu and Kashmir Education minister

Naeem Akhtar, Jammu and Kashmir Education minister said that the board exams of class 10th and 12th students will not be postponed.

He said, “There is no plan to postpone 10th and 12th exams any further. I have been receiving countless calls from worried parents and children since yesterday after a baseless report was circulated by a news gathering agency and unfortunately picked up by many newspapers. All the students and parents called me and insisted that the exams must go on as and when they have been scheduled. The government had no plan of postponing the exams.”

He further added, “That is the decision of the government as well. Let the students remain focused on studies and prepare vigorously for exams on the due date. Best wishes to them.”

If earlier reports were to be believed, the exams would be conducted in the month of March, next year. It was also said that if the exams are conducted next month, the government will be violating its own rules. It was also said that the government is conducting exams in the month of November to counter the protest that has been taking place for a very long time in the valley.

Despite all the protests, there has been no change in the exam schedule. Doing this has landed the J&K government is trouble. According to sources, the students are not willing to give examinations during the ongoing protests’, but the government is adamant and will be conducting the examination next month only. The education minister has also been blamed for using students’ as a tool to play his political game. Even the teachers seem to have opposed his decision.

President of National Conference, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said the government should reconsider its decision of holding the examinations in the month of November.

One of the principals of a school in Kupwara, said, “The government is taking the decision in haste without considering its repercussions. They couldn’t open schools in the past three months and how they will conduct exams in one month.”

He also said, “Holding examinations in November amid unrest will worsen the situation. The Government is non-serious about the issue. There is no point being adamant on holding the exams. The Government must consider the ground situation as well.”

Suhail Mehraj, replied to one of his posts on facebook, “You have totally made us your political toys. Why don’t you accept the reality? Parents and children who called you might have went (sic) outside during this turmoil and are now claiming from outside.”

Another reply said, “he students of Class 10th and 12th will not be able to score good in their exams, which you are willing to hold in next month because not even 40% of the syllabus is complete. Then what is the worth of these exams. This clearly shows that you just want us to pass the exams because you need to depict normalcy in the valley.”

It further added, ““I  request you to at least hold a dialogue with the stakeholders and especially the students so that some desirable result comes out and not force exams on students as their career will become vulnerable to some undesirable effects.”

The board examination of class 10th and 12th students saw a huge number of students appearing for the exam. Last year, the 100th board examination was taken by 50,535 students (26,900 boys and 23,600 girls). This year, the number has increased marginally. For class 12th board examinations, a total of 42234 students appeared for the examination.

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