BMC plans talent search exam in it’s schools to emphasize on quality education

Reportedly, municipal schools of Mumbai have witnessed a decline in the number of student enrolments and a surge in the drop-outs. Given the circumstances, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has now decided to make some changes so that the quality of education can be improved in the schools.

The organization has also been receiving a lot of backlash from the parents of the students, various NGOs, and the teachers as well. It is because of this reason that the government has thought of making changes at the academic level which will mainly focus on the quality of education. They are now focusing on the kind of quality delivered by CBSE and ICSE. The parents and the activists have blamed the poor quality of education in the schools.

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The Education Officer of BMC, Mahesh Palkar, said, “We plan to start talent search exams for students of Class III, IV, VI and VII from June. This will encourage competitiveness among students and push teachers to improve their teaching standards.”

With plans to conduct talent search exams, BMC’s main focus is managing the budget for this initiative and as of now, the funds required have not been required. Not only the talent search exams, they are also focusing on various other exams like that of Science and Maths Olympiad, on the belief that such exams will improve the performance of the students. For this, BMC will also get experts for the students who will be guiding the students from class III so that they can start preparing for these exams in the right way.

He further added, “We have already finished training the teachers in activity-based learning. Instead of waiting for the next academic session, we will begin implementing the methodology from this month. While these efforts are aimed at improving the quality of education, the teachers will have to buck up and work on their teaching methodologies.”

BMC has also been investing a lot on the teachers, training them so that they can come up with innovative ways to teach the students.

In the past, the organization has invested in a number of programs so that the quality of education can be improved. In the year 2015, they started a program known as the Pragati Shaikshanik Maharashtra (PSM) program. This year, they tried to go digital by training teachers in using the technology.

Praja Foundation released a report in which they were blaming BMC. It said that though the budget amount was increased, still BMC did not improve the quality of education.

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