BJP Supports Teachers’ Strike in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand education is on a pause for some days suffering from the strike of teachers. Around 25,000 teachers has been on strike to meet some genuine demands. Teachers of Rajkiya Shikshak Sangh is claiming the assured demands were not fulfilled by the state government.

Infuriated teachers have called off their jobs and joined the protest. General Secretary of Rajkiya Sikshak Sangh, Sohan Singh Majila, said the protest and strike would be continued until the proposed demand meets. He said the schools would remain closed where the members of Rajkiya Sikshak Sangh teach. They have protested outside the education directorate at Dehradun on Monday and also raised slogan against the government. The similar protest can be seen across the state in 95 blocks.

teacher strike in uttarakhand

Majila said, “The high priority demands we want, include assured career progression and two earned leaves which should not be compensated with the existing leaves.”

Many of the teachers have used the social media platform to grab the attention of others to join the protest to make it on a large scale. Besides academic support, this protest has also got political support for Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). BJP leader Harak Singh Rawat promised the teachers the party would support with its full zeal to get the rights of teachers.

On the other hand, the authority tried its best to console the protesters. R K Kunwar, secondary education director, wrote to the Rajkiya Shikshak Sangh to call off the protest. He wrote that the state government has been doing at its full effort the resolve the problems disturbing teachers. Teachers should understand the issue and should not risk students’ education in between them.

But, the situation didn’t recover. The strike still pervades across the state and students is at their home waiting for situation goes normal. This tussle between the Rajkiya Sikshak Sangh and the state government might result in nothing but it will surely cost the students.

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