BJP hits at Nitish Kumar government as the Fodder Scam files go missing

Another hit out at the Nitish Kumar government by the BJP. And this time, it is because of the missing fodder scam files. BJP got a chance to blame the Nitish Kumar government and said this is how the power is being misused by the authorities in order to protect the culprits.

According to the BJP, the Nitish Kumar government is trying to bury all the cases related to the scams in which RJD Chief Lalu Prasad Yadav is to be convicted. The files are related to fodder scam and have been missing from the state’s animal husbandry directorate.

In the past, former Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav was convicted in the Rs. 900 crore scandal. This gave an opportunity to the BJP and the BJP leader Nitin Naveen made full use of the opportunity to target Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He asked whether they are trying to protect Yadav. The MLA said, “Nitish Kumar should tell how and why he is protecting Lalu Prasad Yadav. The files have gone missing, and that is affecting the future of Bihar.”

Rajiv Pratap, the Union Minister recently said at a press conference, “The case of missing files should not be seen in isolation and a political atmosphere has developed after JDU-Congress alliance came to power under which the government is being seen as the protector of crime and criminals. There were many cases registered in the fodder scam. It seems that the government’s power is being used to bury those cases one by one.”

He was also seen mocking a slogan of Nitish Kumar ‘Bihar is for the Biharis’. He said that now it seems like Bihar is for criminals. He also said that around 46,000 offences have been registered in the state between January and March.

In the year 2013, a special court had convicted Yadav along with 44 others in the fodder scam case where he withdrew Rs. 37.7 crore from the treasury of Chaibasa.

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