BJP criticises Kejriwal for demanding quota in DU admissions

The rivalry is not new between AAP and BJP. Since the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has come to power, he is continuously blaming central government publically and on the counterpart, BJP is famous for criticizing AAP too. Whether it’s the matter of administration or any social issue, both parties have never left a single chance to mock each other.

This tussle now moves into the issue of the admission of Delhi university. The rival began when Delhi Chief Minister asked for the quota for Delhi students in the university. He condemned the procedure of the admission of Delhi University and tweeted, “Delhi University admission is most bizarre. They don’t have either quota for locals or normalization of marks or entrance tests.”

Mr. Kejriwal made his remarks after deputy CM Manish Sisodia wrote to former HRD Minister Smriti Irani. Sisodia urged HRD Minister to give preference Delhi students over those from other states in admission to DU.

BJP leaders came forward to criticize the remarks of Delhi CM and said that if AAP was against meritorious students from outside Delhi entering DU, how could it dream of spreading their political wings in other states? Also, BJP said it reflects his ‘petty mindset’ and ‘regional attitude’.

BJP leaders pointed out the issue of regionalism of AAP government and said, “We are unable to understand their mindset when they have declared their outfit’s intentions to participate in the coming elections for Punjab and other states.”

Clearly, this is a personal view of the AAP government. But, Mr. Kejriwal should be aware of upcoming elections of Punjab and should not convey this type pf message which can malign his image.

Also, when it comes to the issue of Delhi University if this quota system would come into action it will disturb the wellbeing of the university. DU is known for its creativity and this creativity comes from its diversity. So, this type of initiative would certainly hamper the progress of Delhi University.

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