Bihar Woman Takes B.Ed Exam After 90 Minutes Of Giving Birth

It’s true what they say. Only a woman can be that brave, and all for the sake of education. Ranju Kumari- mother of the newly born male child, rushed to the examination hall in an ambulance, just an hour and a half after delivering a baby boy, to sit for her Bachelor of Education (BEd) examination. Before this woman of Muzzafarpur area in Bihar could relish the joy of becoming a mother for the second time, she went straight to the examination hall to give her exam.

indian women, b.ed examWhile there have been instances of newly-wed women decked in bridal attire rushing to examination halls for their papers, a new mother straight out of a hospital writing an exam may be a first. “We salute her dedication for studies. She has proved women’s awareness towards studies has increased,” Rani the centre’s superintendent said.

The women developed labour pain hours before her B.Ed exam was to begin in Muzaffarpur. She was then rushed to a private hospital where she gave birth to her second child. Completely disregarding her present situation, she insisted on going to the examination centre even when the doctors were unwilling to let her go.

And if that’s not it, she took an ambulance to the examination hall. Although she reached there in 30 minutes after the paper had begun. Ranju was desperate to give her papers because she wanted to be better educated so she could take care of her children and also educate them better.

Her dedication moved the centre’s superintendent Mamta Rani, who soon allowed Ranju Kumari to take the exam. Mamta Rani even allowed her to write her papers in the ambulance itself with an invigilator inside the examination hall that was now on wheels.

The most interesting part of this story is that her achievement has been reported as an extraordinary mental feat. When what she has done physically is a million times more impressive. All women should take an example from her and should be dedicated to whatever we do in our lives. Sitting on a chair for three hours, when women who deliver the baby lay unconscious in the beds of the hospital? Kudos to the lady!!

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