Bihar School Education Budget is high, but the State needs more

Bihar has always been a major hub of learning with the likes of some major universities – Nalanda and Vikramashila. The state has witnessed a huge child population who can achieve loads for the society and country if they are guided properly. The education department of Bihar has developed a lot in the last few decades but still there is a lack of advanced and efficient technology along with faculty in many schools. Bihar’s school education budget is dramatically higher than the national average but it is much lower when compared to other bigger states.


The School education budget in Bihar is 5.6 percent of its gross domestic product which is considered to be higher than the national average of 2.7 percent. According to a study by a leading NGO, it has been found that instead of higher contribution towards GDP in school education budget, Bihar lacks the quality education and well-experienced faculty.

Mohua Chatterjee, the program head of CRY, in a recent interaction, admitted that Bihar spends about 17.7 percent of its annual total budget on school education but it has to increase a lot by keeping in mind the requirement and the small size budget of Bihar’s school education as compared to the other bigger states.

Bihar has comparable population like the major states of India but lacks with the budget, requirement, and expectation of the students. It has also been found that the contribution of Bihar in School education at 17.7 percent is much higher than any other state and is only behind Maharashtra which spends 18 percent on it. Still, there is a need to increase the overall expenditure on school’s education for better infrastructure, to overcome the teachers’ shortage, proper inspection and monitoring of the students.

State and its contributions

The state spends only Rs 9,583 per student, which is very less than many states of India. The Central for Budget and Governance Accountability (CGBA) has inspected the school budget and the budget scenario for 10 major states and it was found that Bihar lacks the proper education facility and has to increase the overall spending and their contribution to its GDP.

The state is lagging behind many states like Goa with admirable Rs. 67,041 spending per student, Kerala with Rs. 38,811, Karnataka (Rs. 22,856) and much more. So, there is a drastic need to increase the overall spending in the small size and insufficient budget for the welfare of its students. Even, the Kendriya Vidyalayas in the country spends Rs 32,263 per student and Bihar is way behind it. So, to change the scenario of the education and produce more talented and aspiring students, it is very much necessary to increase the budget for School education.

The state government is required to improve the infrastructure, adopt creative and student friendly techniques, tackle the teacher’s shortage in the state and implement various methods for high-quality education. Looking at the child population and the requirements, the increment in School Education budget has become a necessity.

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