Bhupendrasinh Chudasama: “New Education Policy Must Make The Countrymen Reliable, Disciplined, Patriotic And Honest”

The Government of Gujarat conducted a consultation seminar at the Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat (KCG) campus for the country’s soon to be launched New Education Policy so as to seek suggestions from many academicians. After 29 years, Human and Resources Development ministry has taken the initiative to re-draft the Education Policy of India. First draft of the National Education Policy is expected to be published by December as said by Union Human Resource Minister Smt. Smriti Irani. The announcement was made while presiding over the meeting with North-East ministers at Agartala.

Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, state education minister while emphasizing that no country in the world has adopted such a long process to form its education policy said, “No country in the world had done such a long process or it had shared experience from all the quarters to draft an education policy, but we will do it and Gujarat has already taken the lead in this (in form of consultation).”

bhupendrasinh chudasama
Gujarat education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama addressed debriefed the media and gathering at consultative meet on Wednesday (Photo:

Further while addressing the gathering he was of the view that the consultation process on higher and technical education segment was conducted in approximately 188 out of 224 blocks and in 19 out of 26 districts. And the consultation process on primary education was held in 12,304 out of 14,049 villages in the state till now.

The state education minister also laid the focus of gathering that how India and its states are far behind in gross enrolment ratio (GER) if comparison is laid with the developed countries. He clarified the statement by saying “Gujarat has GER of 21 per cent, while the country has GER of 20 per cent, but if you compare it with the developed countries, then we are far behind. The GER in those developed countries would be more than 50 per cent. We need to think on this as well.”

Bhupendrasinh Chudasama also said the government must reconsider its proposed ‘No Detention Policy‘.  “I insist to reconsider this act. This is Gujarat’s message to the Union government. Because, if you do not fix the accountability of the teacher, then I think he/she will not teach properly. There must be changes in the No Detention policy,” said Mr Chudasama. In the month of August during the 63rd meeting of Central Advisory Board of Education held in New Delhi, the demand to withdraw no-detention policy was put forward.

Lastly he was of the view that the New Education Policy which is being drafted after 29 years should be such that it makes the countrymen reliable, disciplined, patriotic and honest.

In the meeting conducted at Agartala, Smriti Irani said “For the first time, a collaborative effort has been taken from the grass root level to formulate the national education policy.” To formulate the policy in much more better way the government is talking to teachers, students, district magistrates and other sections of the society. She appreciated the feedback that is being received from the states and districts. The Union minister Smriti Irani had also invited suggestions from students and teachers to help frame a better education policy.

On September 25 Haryana Government also conducted a State level Consultative Meeting on the birth anniversary of Pt Deen Dayal Upadyay at Panchkula to discuss the framework to improve the quality of Education in the state and to chalk out the soon to be launched national education Policy in February next year

Its not only the case with Gujarat or Haryana, the regional meetings are being conducted throughout every state in the country as HRD ministry is keen to formulate the policy better than before and keeping up with the futuristic plans.

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