Bhaskar Ramamurthi Gets 5 More Years As IIT Madras’ Director

Bhaskar Ramamurthi Gets 5 More Years As IIT Madras' Director

Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Director Professor at IIT Madras, was reappointed on Friday as the director of IIT Madras. He has been reappointed for a term of five years. He is probably the first alumnus to be reappointed for the second time as a director.

He is an alumni of IIT Madras. Here, he obtained his B.Tech in Electronics Engineering in the year 1980. After that, he completed his MS and Ph.D. from the university of California, Santa Barbara. In the year 1986, he became an academician at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the IIT. But before that, he was a part of some of the well-known firms like AT&T and Bell Labs.

In the year 2011, September, 23, he became the director, but before that, he was also the Dean (planning). He is known for his various contributions that he made during his tenure. Some of them are in the field of the wireless communications network and design and implementation of wireless local loop system. The telecommunication and the networking group was also founded by him. In his initial days, he also devised an “IIT Madras Strategic Plan 2020”.

The plan benefited the students in a number of ways. It was because the plan was made considering the students in mind, the curriculum was made in such a way that it suited the students. Also, importance was laid on the quality of faculty as well, besides that, a good research environment, well-equipped laboratories, and the connect between the industry and the academics. India’s first university-based research park was also started- here more than 100 companies were incubated, most of them were startups. Also, according to a report that has been released by NIRF, the institute has been as the number one engineering institute in the country.

He said, “IIT-M is following diligently a strategic plan it has drawn up and is satisfied with its achievements. We have developed a seven-year plan and we have been sticking to it. We are reviewing the progress and till now we are on target or even exceeding it. We want to be the place that students want to go to.”

He further added, “The IIT-M has a preponderance to start-ups in the country. In a recent assessment of start-ups by a business news outlet, four of the five finalists were companies incubated at IIT-M Research Park. The research park has incubated 102 companies, of which 30 have graduated into independent companies.”

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