BharatNet To Be Submitted For Cabinet Approval In Two Months


According to an official spokesperson of Telecom Department of India, the government is likely to submit their report on BharatNet for the Cabinet Ministry’s approval within next two months. BharatNet worth Rs 72,000 crore, is a nationwide programme to establish broadband network.

Additional Secretary of Department of Telecom (DoT), Aruba Sundararajan together with BBNL Chairman and Managing director stated that the internal discussion on this project is going on. Further explaining they mentioned that the DoT is expecting to submit it (BharatNet) within 2 months for the approval of the Cabinet Ministry.

The Department of Telecom has set up a committee to work on the complete instalment of BharatNet across the nation. However in a recent event the committee under Telecom Department has already helped in remodelling National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN) worth Rs 21,000 crore. The National Optical Fibre Network was started under the UPA government, which aimed to connect all the 2.5 lakh Village Panchayats with broadband connection.

Primary aim of the BharatNet project initiated by the Department of Telecom is to connect all the villages across various isolated parts of India with high speed internet connectivity. However the present government has also decided to include urban areas under this project with the speed of connectivity up to 20 megabit per second.

With the aim to present a connected society to the nation as soon as possible, Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi government has directed the Department of Telecom to complete the installation within December, 2016. However, the DoT committee has stated that they might not be able to complete the installation of BharatNet by the end of 2017.

BBNL Managing Director and Chairman Mrs. Sundararajan stated that, “The BharatNet is a new architecture. It is using a lot of other media to provide connectivity then just OFC”. She also stated that there is a special purpose vehicle modeled for this project which will help to add value to BharatNet.

So far, 18 states have agreed to set up SPV’s in their state. One of the great advantage of setting SPV’s is that, the states with SPV’s will be able to provide a minimum speed of more than 2 mbps. Under this projects the household will be provided with internet speed of 10 mbps – 20 mbps whereas the business firms will have bandwidth of 100 mbps – 1 gbps.

The expert committee set by DoT has stated that the places where village panchayats from the block headquarters and where the household density is less than 150, then the government might take satellite media to provide broadband connection to those areas.

Bharat Broadband Network Limited(BBNL) estimated that there is possibility that the government might make a benefit up to Rs. 66,465 crore within first year of the installation of the project.

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