Bengaluru Gets India’s First Ever Robotic Surgery Institute

In a holdover news, Bengaluru got India’s first ever institute for robotic surgery looking up to advancements in medical technology, courtesy of multi-specialty hospital Narayana Health. This is the first such institute in India which will primarily conduct prostate, kidney, gynecological, colorectal and select head and neck cancer surgeries with the use of the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System. The Institute of Robotic Surgery has been supported by Infosys Foundation.

Infosys Foundation donated ‘da Vinci Surgical Robot’ to develop Infosys Institute of Robotic Surgery to train robotic surgeons for the future.

robotic surgery institute india

Unveiling the plaque, signifying the launch, Infosys Foundation Chairperson Sudha Murthy said, “Our partnership with Narayana Health is aimed at encouraging rapid adoption of robotics in healthcare in India. Through this endowment, we also intend to provide impetus for further research in this area, and enable the masses to reap the benefits of affordable and high-quality treatment.”

Narayana Health Chairman Devi Shetty who also spoke, said “World is on the threshold of a major transition from laparoscopic surgery to robotic surgery.” “It is a matter of time before most procedures on the human body will be done better with the robotics.”

What is a Robotic Surgery?

In robotic surgery, a surgeon operates using a robot. When the surgeon makes a movement on his console, it is replicated by the robot. The robot’s arms will be inserted into the patient’s body through small holes. Surgical instruments will be connected to the robot’s arms. Robotic surgeries are a step ahead from laparoscopic surgeries, minimising its disadvantages. Another advantage is that robotic surgery provides 3D vision while laparoscopic works in 2D. The instruments used in robotic surgery need to be disposed after a certain number of operations, usually 10.

Robotic surgery has proved that inaccessible areas of the human body like deep in the pelvis where a prostate surgery needs to be done for a patient with cancer of the prostate can easily be accessed

The need to adopt and continually update treatment protocols that reduce errors is crucial for a country like India, which sees high patient volumes and a wide spectrum of complex diseases. Robotic surgery, with its high degree of precision and faster recovery time, has the potential to address this efficiently.

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  • The Institute of Robotic Surgery (IRS) at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) under the leadership of Dr. (Prof.) Arvind Kumar has been conceptualized as an International Centre of Excellence in the field of Surgical Robotics.

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