Bengal Govt to revamp higher education institutions in the state

If India is the light of education which has shone brightly since times immemorial, then West Bengal stands at the highest pedestal when it comes to contributing to its eternal flame of that enlightenment. However, it is a fact to reckon with that the state, which could boast of country’s first IIM and IIT, is lagging far behind in other sectors of higher education such as infrastructure and technological advancement when compared to its brother states.

It is in lieu with these realities that the government under Mamta Benarjee has set itself on revamping the educational landscape of the state in form of announcement by the West Bengal Higher Education department to launch free Wi-Fi service in all government colleges in the state.

Bengal which bears deep imprints on Indian history on account of various transgressions which it suffered at the hands of foreign forces also has enough to boast about in terms of achievements. In fact, quite arguably, Bengal has seen more activities in the field of education than compared to any other state in India.

This statement is attested by the presence of some of the most noted luminaries who have emerged out of the precincts of this state such as Raja Rammohan Roy, who helped abolish the abominable Sati system to India and first Non-European Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. In fact, the list of the luminaries who have consecrated this land runs amok in hundreds and thousands and range from field as diverse as science( Dr. C V Raman) to law( Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee, also known as tiger of Bengal).

Thus in accordance with the execution of the program, the Education Minister, Partha Chatterjee has announced that in the first phase, the service would be launched in 60 government colleges.

Similar concerns have already been shown by leading economists such as Amartya Sen who have suggested that the government must actively pursue steps to ameliorate the dwindling state of affairs in the education department and not just focus inclusively on a single university. Hence it is only apt that the belated steps be soon acted upon so that the present which seems to taken a grip over the past since Independence, the seat of some of the finest researches in India has fallen adrift with respect to the national standard be upgraded once more.

Accordingly, the government has already allotted funds worth Rs 25 crore to the University of Calcutta for developing the required infrastructure. In an age where the country is bent upon projecting its campaign for digital literacy, the steps taken by the West Bengal government will go a long way in achieving the objectives upon which it has set its mind on.

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