NEET 2017 challenge: the basics to get ready

If your major in high school was biology and if you are planning to pursue medicine as career in the future, you must have already heard of NEET. NEET is an exam which allows students to get admissions into top medical colleges of the country. The exam dates for NEET 2017 may not have been officially announced but almost all of you know it’s going to be on first Sunday of May.

Now the next step for the students is to apply for the examination and start off with the necessary preparations if not already started. In case you are such a student who is planning to start preparing for the NEET exams soon, we suggest you follow the following guidelines in order to ensure that the syllabus is not too hectic for you and that you are able to crack NEET without any extra pressure.

NEET 2017 preparation
Don’t be a zombie, get organised. It’s the best way to be ready.

Preparation Tips

You can stick to the following guidelines (in order) to ensure that you score well in your NEET exam and that you are able to crack it without any problems. Remember these are the basics.

  1. Study the past years NEET papers.

The number 1 step to prepare for any exam is to study the pattern of the exam in its history. Looking at the history of the exam a lot can be figured out and a general outline of the paper can be outlined which allows you to study in a focused environment and also helps you manage the time that you allot for each topic pertaining to your exam. The paper pattern and syllabus for NEET 2017 won’t be much different from past, however, official notification is not yet. So wait for that.

  1. Gather the relevant material

It is really important for the students to refer to multiple authors in order to ensure that they are able to cover the major portion of all the syllabus of the exam. Gathering the resources can be a challenge and a guide from your seniors or teachers can really help for you to choose from the hundreds of books available out in the market.

  1. Brush up on your Mathematics

Although Mathematics is not a core subject for you, it is important that you know the tips and tricks to cut corners and get answers fast while performing lengthy calculations. Mathematics is essentially important for you in cracking the Physics section of the paper which comprises a major portion of the paper.

  1. Time Management

After following the steps mentioned above, it all comes down to the proper management of time that you have. Since NEET is not more than a few months away, it’s better to organise your time for covering the syllabus, taking mock tests and revisions.

  1. Join a NEET preparation institute or a Crash Course

In case you only want to do the heavy lifting by studying and want the other stuff brought to you directly, you can always join a top ranking institute for NEET preparation. Extra help is something that is always preferred when you plan to appear for a major exam such as NEET or JEE Mains. In case you do not want to spend big bucks you can always join a crash course towards the end of preparation period to brush up on the advanced knowledge and gain an overall revision experience covering the most important topics from the syllabus.

With this, we hope that we were able to guide you in the best possible way for you to start with your exam preparations. We wish you luck for your NEET 2017.

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