Baseline Test begins with Controversy & Confusion

Mumbai, Maharashtra : As per the schedule given by the education department, all schools across Maharashtra are conducting round II of the baseline test on April 5 & 6. The state education department is conducting the tests to check learning levels of students in Class 1 to 8 in mathematics and first language. The second round will be summative and will evaluate students on the year’s syllabus. First round of Baseline test was conducted in September last year.

maharashtra baseline test april 2016

The officials from Education Department expressed their view that the tests are quite easy as they are based on what students learnt in their previous classes, so students need not prepare for the same. “Multiple choice questions will be asked and the test is basically to determine their competency to be in a particular class, ” one education department official said. Students appeared for the language exam today, while maths exam is scheduled for April 6.

“The first baseline test held last year comprised of syllabus taught in the first term only, the second test will however be based on the curriculum of both the first and second term. The marks obtained by the students in the second baseline test will be included in the final marks of the subjects,” said the principal of a school in Mumbai.

The second round of baseline test began with controversy across the state, while teachers said that the question paper might get leaked due to different timings across schools, parents maintained the fact that test’s schedule coinciding with the annual exams would affect students’ performance. Now as the reports are coming, education department circulated the question paper to schools in much lesser number and that forced schools to take out photocopies of it.

“Exam time is very stressful for the students and additional tests in the middle of the regular exams would only add to the burden on the students. The government should have scheduled the tests either before or after the school exams to ensure that the students do not face any problem,” one parent said.

Rajesh Pandya, Vice president of Teachers Democratic Front said, “The schools brought question papers from the Centre decided by the education department. However, some schools complained that they have not received sufficient number of question papers. They had to take photocopies to make the exam possible.”

“Also, if the exams are not conducted on same day everywhere, there are chances of paper getting leaked like the last time,” he added.

Adding to the confusion, an official of education department said that students would not require to write the annual exam on particular subject they take in baseline test. It was also speculated that the baseline test answer copies would be checked by external examiners, but the schools have not ye received any word from education department regarding the same.

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