Bad news for AAP: Swaraj Party to contest in Punjab assembly elections

Swaraj Party, a new political outfit formed by the rebel groups of Aam Aadmi Party volunteers in Punjab, has surfaced to emerge as competition in upcoming assembly elections there. This was a result of the allegiance to former AAP ideologue Yogendra Yadav. This new party will surely create a stir in the political circles of Punjab. As the state is all set to go for Vidhan Sabha elections early next year, it is quite obvious that things may change at this point of time.

This party is being considered as another platform by all the members of the AAP who do not seem to be satisfied in the current state. Dharamvir Gandhi and Harinder Khalsa, two of the suspended AAP MPs also seem to be in support of the same. While announcing the new party, Prof Manjit Singh, who is a former AAP leader was supported by Dharamvir Gandhi and Harinder Khalsa. They both were a very important part of the Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan’s Swaraj Abhiyan. They now seem to be the leaders in this segment.

Manjit Singh said, “ Any AAP volunteer who feels stifled there now has the choice to switch over. The party will contest elections in Punjab but it’s yet to be decided on how many seats. Since the constitution of Yadav’s Swaraj Lehar at the national level lays down certain conditions such as presence in a given number of states, it has become a hurdle to launch the party nationally. That is why the state unit has been launched. It has presence in 11 districts of Punjab and will extended to other areas shortly”.

Whereas, Dharamvir said that he had no intention to join the party but according to him the party has been formed on principles. He said, “The new outfit will ensure that AAP treads with caution, especially while giving tickets to candidates. Wherever AAP does not field candidates with a good track record, I may even consider campaigning for Swaraj Party nominees”.

One thing is very much clear here, the new party is surely going to be a pain for the AAP strategists whereas it is going to be a music to the ears for the Congress and SAD-BJP alliance.

A meeting was held at Chandigarh where it was decided to launch a political outfit. Members from all the parts of the state have been enrolled.

A resolution which was passed during the Convention said, “ The convention feels there is an urgent need for a political party that should spring from below and is based on the principles of Swaraj.”


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