Azim Premji expressed faith in upcoming National Education Policy

Wipro Chairman Azim Premji was in University of Mysore on Tuesday. He spoke on ‘Improving School Education in India’ at the 100th lecture series organized by the University where he called for certain changes in the prevailing education system.  He was conferred with honorary doctorate by the varsity. He suggested that public investment should be increased in the education system. According to him, the investment in education as of now is not at all adequate and political will is necessary to revamp the current education system across the country.

Currently, the public expenditure on education in India is 2.8% of the GDP, while in the case of other developing countries, it is 3.5%. The developed countries spend 5-6 percent of the GDP and the education system is very good there.

azim premji university of mysore
Wipro Chairman Azim Premji addressing the gathering at University of Mysore

The public education has reached to all corners of the country, but they lack the much required quality. Azim Premji said, “The public education must be strengthened. Creating parallel private schools will not make any difference, instead the existing system needs to be more active so that students who are deprived of this get access to education which is decent enough for them.”

Wipro Chairman recalled that our country has excellent policies and intentions, but they lack proper execution and government must concentrate on that. “The most developed nations have grown this much only because they have realized the importance public education and they have invested a huge amount in their education system. They do understand the fact for a society to function, this is very critical,” he added.

Premji further expressed his belief in the new education policy on which the government is working and said that it would provide a better framework which would ultimately strengthen the education system. Additionally, government must improve the teacher’s education system which has always been under-performing. He explained, “More than 16,000 education institutes were more commercial in nature as they do not have any interest in education. Usually powerful people own them, who resist attempts at change. If we want to make changes, changing teacher’s education system will be a challenge for all of us and will take a lot of courage. If these things are not taken care of, the education system will still remain the same.”

Concluding his speech, he said, “If the above challenges have to be addressed, we need to invest more in public education.”

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