The AgustaWestland Chopper Scam, explained in short

When two days ago on April 27, 2016, Subramaniam Swamy took oath in the Rajya Sabha (House of Elders), and when he was up to speak and named Sonia Gandhi over AgustaWestland Chopper Scam, it was nothing less than a storm. 

So what exactly is this AgustaWestland scam or choppergate scam, here is explaining it in short. 

In 2010, India signed a contract with AgustaWestland (an Italy based helicopter manufacturing company) to produce 12 Helicopters for VVIP use i.e for President, PM and other delegates. The deal  took place for around INR 36 Billion. In 2013, Italian court probed into the matter and found corruption took place in the entire deal. The Indian court too probed into matter and found that several politicians and military officials took bribe from Finmeccanica group (AgustaWestland), to settle and win the contract for the company. The Italian prosecutors alleges Ahmed Patel (Political secretary to Congress President Sonia Gandhi) to receive kickbacks (an illicit payment made to someone in return for facilitating a transaction or appointment) from the deal, from where the name of Sonia Gandhi and then Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh came into light in the controversy. Now Subramaniam Swamy asks to fast-track the case, after swearing in Rajya Sabha.

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