Assembly passes HP Private Medical Education Institutions Amendment bill

August 1st 2015 proved to be an important day in Himachal Pradesh history. On this day, Private Medical Educational Institutions Amendment Bill was passed by Himachal Pradesh assembly. The objective behind this was to grant power to state government to affiliate private medical colleges under the HP university. Transparency in the admission process was another aim of this amendment bill.

Insertion of sub-clause in Section 3 of the principal Act for regulation for admission in private medical educational institutions depending on the merit in Common Admission Test would be provided by the bill. It  was pointed out that  there were some flaws and uncertainties in the definitions of clause (e) and clause (j) of section 2. As a result of  claims of the government were misused by the private medical educational institutions. Irregularities were  caused in the admission process. It was established that the amendment bill would eradicate these flaws and would bring about the much needed consistency in the admission process.

private medical education institution govt bill
The amendment bill was passed on 27 August by assembly. Image credit-

According to the amendment bill, admissions for medical institutions would be based on exams such as AIPMT, NEET that were organised by CBSE board or by Himachal Pradesh University. It would also ensure that all private medical educational institutions would be governed by provisions of Act. It must be noted that, all the private medical and dental colleges would have to obey the amendment bill and getting affiliation from Himachal Pradesh University would be compulsory. Then the state government would have more power in the admission process apart form stipulating the fees and decision taking power in the reservation of various categories.

Another bill that was passed by HP assembly was Himachal Pradesh Fruit Nurseries Registration and Regulation Bill 2015. The main objective behind this was to distribute quality planting material to the farmers and increase fruit production. It was brought to the notice that HP Fruit Nursery act 1973 was getting outdated due to time and technology based developments. So abolishment of HP Fruit Nursery Act 1973 was the need of the hour.

Vidya Stokes, Horticulture Minister spoke about the need to check illegal practices of fruits in apple nurseries as farmers imported plants from abroad. She further said that, sale of duplicate or untreated plants with diseases must be stopped and hence the need for more stricter law. The assembly also passed another bill regarding changing Passengers and Goods Tax Act. As the opposition BJP walked out of the assembly, all the bills were passed without any discussions.

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