Elections : Assam, West Bengal witnessed Good Voting Percentage in First Phase

The first phase of election began very well in West Bengal and Assam. Polling began at 7 am today across the two states. The BJP is looking forward to this phase as they are planning to expand their reign considering it has not done well here in the past. In West Bengal, there are 18 constituencies, the first phase began very smoothly. And, the first phase of the two phase in Assam also began smoothly with high security in some of the areas.

voting in assam west bengal
Elderly women coming out of a polling booth in Assam on Monday

West Bengal witnessed over 75% voting while the voting percentage was well above 72 in Assam. BJP seems to be very elated because of the high polling that took place. The BJP leaders said that people of Assam want development and the high voting percentage would definitely turn in favour of BJP as BJP also believes in development.

More than 300 villagers of Purulia, West Bengal boycotted voting in the assembly elections saying that there is no reason for them to vote. They have been promised a lot of things in the past such as electricity and water, but none of the promise has been fulfilled. They feel left out and feel that nobody cares for them. Overall, the voting in Purulia region touched over 70 percent.

In West Bengal, there were some reports of malfunctioning of the electronic voting machines in some of the polling centres. The polling in the three Maoist affected areas of the state will serve as an indicator to the Mamata Banerjee government, as to the recent flyover collapse has any effect on the people who are living in those Maoist affected areas or not. The elections will carry over for 7 days, out of which the first phase has two days, first one is today and the second one on April 11.

In Assam, the first phase polling in the 65 constituencies will determine if BJP will be able to get a good share this time or not. Tarun Gogoi has been the Chief Minister of the state for the past three years. Gogoi is very confident in Assam and feels that people of Assam will vote for him as he has brought a lot of development to the state whereas PM Modi government has failed to deliver anything. Counting of votes would be done on 19 May.

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