Assam Rifles welcomes its first batch of 100 women soldiers

assam rifles women soldiers
For the first time in 181 year old Assam Rifles, women soldiers have been inducted

First batch of women soldiers was inducted by Assam Rifles on Wednesday. This event took place at a ceremony held in Nagaland. The ceremony was organized to induct 212 new recruits to the 181 year old regiment. These women were recruited from rallies all over the country, into the force. Kiren Rijiju, Union Minister of State for Home was also present at the event.

This event has added a new chapter in the history of India. Rijiju said that women are no less than men and he believes that women are also constantly contributing to the growth of our country in all the major fields. He also took the salute from women recruits at their passing out parade held at the Assam Rifles Training Centre and School, Nagaland.

Assam Rifles has a history of 181 years, and this has happened for the first time that they have inducted women in their regiment. Out of the total of 212 recruits, 100 are women. Rijiju also encouraged the women to keep on participating in such events and keep on playing their important role in the development of the country. The Assam Rifles has certain plans for the women that they have inducted, they plan to use the women officers for some of their major operations, frisking and interrogating the female accused and also dealing with those women have been protesting. The women soldiers have also been trained in providing help during the relief and rescue during any calamity.

Rijiju also mentioned that these women have gone through a stringent training which will make sure that they are able to fight everything that comes in their way. He also expressed his gratitude towards the parents and friends of these women who have played a great role in encouraging these women to contribute for the welfare of the nation. As North East is a very sensitive area, Assam Rifles is doing their best to provide it the right kind of security.

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