Assam Elections : Campaigning for 2nd phase ends today

Assam will undergo second phase of assembly elections on 11 April for remaining 61 seats. The voting for 65 seats in 126-seats assembly was done on 4 April. The voting percentage recorded in the first phase was around 72 percent. Now as the second phase voting is to be commenced in two days, election commission has completed all the formalities for peaceful voting. Security measures have also been taken up in few constituencies.

Earlier, during campaigning in Assam, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Congress government has failed and the state of Assam lags behind in terms of the development. He also raised the Saradha Scam issue for the first time in his campaign. Modi further pointed towards the Jan Dhan Yojana and said that the center have launched such schemes so that in future there are not such scams. He also made a promise that all those involved in the scam will not be spared.

narendra modi in assam elections 2016
Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the gathering at an election rally in Assam

Modi emphasized on the need of a stable government in Assam. He told in a rally that the new BJP government will change the face of Assam and will take it to a different level altogether. He blamed Congress for all the mishappenings that have taken place in the state and also blamed them for not taking care of the people of Assam.

In a rally, he said, “a lot of people are worried about the kind of welcome I received in Saudi Arabia.” He said that the honour that he received was not for him only, it was for those 125 crore Indians, but still a lot of people are not able to digest this fact.

Besides Narendra Modi, Mrs Gandhi was also in the state to address the people of Assam. Himanta Biswa Sarma, who left the Congress and recently joined BJP, appealed to the voters of Assam to exercise their franchise for the survival of the people of Assam. He said that some political parties, including Congress, think they can politically exploit Muslims by keeping them illiterate and poor and by creating a feeling of insecurity among them.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi held back-to-back rallies in the state and attacked the Modi government, saying that before leaving the country, Vijay Mallya had met the finance minister Arun Jaitley. He further added, “I will come again to attend the swearing in ceremony and to thank the people of Assam. Lalit Modi, who stole thousands of rupees, has been kept outside the country.”

Assam gets ready to vote in the final phase of the ongoing Assembly poll. For a lot of the people of Assam, it has become a question of their identity and culture. The two communities in Assam, Bodo and Non Bodo have been fighting among themselves and a lot of panic can be seen among the two communities.

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