ASC hearing today for complaints against private colleges for wrongdoings in MBBS admission

Kerala has always set standards in the field of education which has been milestones in the country. This including laurels such as one of the highest literacy rates in the country. But, recent development with regard to higher education has put blemishes on the clean slate of the state.

The J.M, Admission Supervisory Committee (ASC) has received 521 complaints by students against the manner in which admission has been carried out by the self-financing colleges for MBBS course. It has fixed 20th September as date for hearing the grievances of the students. ASC has also notified the colleges to present their representative like their Principal or other authorized person for the hearing, the decision of which would be taken on the same day.

According to the allegations by the students, these colleges were rejecting the online application submitted by the students on frivolous grounds. Taking cognizance of the complaints, the ASC has directed the colleges to not refuse admission without giving candidates an opportunity to rectify any mistakes in the form.


According to the directive issued by the committee, “A lot of complaints have been filed by the applicants/parents and others alleging that the medical colleges are deliberately rejecting online application forms on flimsy reasons such as the undertakings to produce bank guarantees are not proper or certain documents are not legible or missing. Thereafter, the medical colleges are granting seats to other applicants whose entrance ranks are far below that of the rejected applicants.” The directive further states that if the college, after rejecting the genuine application form of students on flimsy grounds, admits other students, then the admission of such students would be cancelled after scrutinizing the records.

In a further bid to ensure transparency in the admission process, the ASC has also directed the medical colleges to publish the details of total individual online applications received for admission to the MBBS course for 2016-17 on their websites. The colleges are also to publish the details of defects noted by them in respect of the application and the methodology adopted by the colleges through which such defects were either cured, corrected or rectified. Other details which the colleges have been directed to issue include the total no. of eligible students for MBBS for the academic year 2016-17, the list of rejected candidates from among the online application including the list of eligible candidates under management and NRI quota, which must have been prepared strictly in accordance with merit based on NEET rank list.

All the information must be made available to all applicant, parents, candidates and the public, according to ASC.

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