As a Chancellor of State Universities, Kerala Governor tops the chart

In a function organized for celebrating the golden jubilee of All India Association for Christian Higher Education (AIACHE), Governor cum chancellor of the state of Kerala, P Sathasivam, brought to light the praise which he received from President Pranab Mukherjee for obtaining funds from the State government for improving university education in the state.

AIACHE is the ecumenical, professional association of church-related colleges in India. It brings together colleges that are Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox with a view to maximize their effectiveness and service to the national community. Governor hailed AIACHE for the commendable work they have done for the unification of the Christian Institutions.

Governor P Sathasivam stated that as the chancellor of the universities of Kerala it is his duty to work for the upgradation and betterment of the education. For carrying out the same, he asked the state government to provide him funds to which the Kerala government approved. In a governors’ conference called by the Hon’ President, Prez lauded the move and suggested other governors to follow the trail left by P Sathasivam in their respective states.

Governor also declared that the best varsity will be awarded the Chancellor’s award carrying a prize money of Rs. 5 crores. It was earlier announced that the process of selecting the winner has begun which is carried out on the basis of ‘Academics’ and ‘Teaching and Pedagogy Methods. Kerala University was awarded this prize last year.

Rajya Sabha deputy chairman P J Kurien was present on the occasion and he addressed the audience saying it is a shame how the institutions instead of serving to provide knowledge, which their motive should be, have been acting as for-profit organization selling their seats for crores of rupees.

Various other dignitaries were present on the occasion who laid the emphasis on giving the students a good education and opportunities.

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