Aryan Group takes DAV PG College infrastructure issue in its hands

To maintain the condition of one of the biggest degree college in Dehradun, students leaders of Aryan Group have taken an initiative to whitewash the dilapidated buildings of DAV PG College. Students also painted some parts of buildings themselves and demanded the authorities to allocate funds to improve the infrastructure of the college. The condition of the college has been observed in very bad condition.

This initiative was led by the general secretary of the DAV PG college, Sachin Thapliyal. Under his guidance, students of the college drew the concern of everyone in the college premise. According to Thapliyal, the condition of the college is in lousy condition and it requires the concern of authorities immediately.

In a report, Thapliyal said, “The infrastructure of college is in very deplorable condition. We have tried to raise the issue in front of management and administration but none of them has helped in a better way. Two days earlier, we collected funds from teachers and students but we can only manage Rs 1500.”

He said the students of the team added money from their side and asked other students to come forward and we whitewashed the BA, BSc Library ourselves.

Also, the student leaders of Aryan Group said if the authorities would not come to help, they would march to the Clock Tower asking people for money to raise funds.

Some students compared this foreseen act to begging and said if this condition would come up then it would be a shame for the college authorities. The students demanded to not lose the reputation of the educational institute and seek management to allocate funds.

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