Around 6000 teachers post vacant in Punjab’s 460 schools

As we are moving towards providing education to all and also as the government is coming up with new policies. It seems that things are not working in favour of Punjab government schools. The educations policies rolled out by the government does not seem to work in Punjab.

scarcity of teachers in punjab schoolsAccording to officials, around 6,000 posts are lying vacant in 460 schools across Punjab state. In the year 1967 under the then Chief Minister Lachman Singh, this number was 508. The schools were brought under the Delhi grant-in scheme. Under the scheme concerned, 9,468 posts were sanctioned by the government and the govt started paying them 95% of the salary. The rest 5% was paid by the management.

After that, a new policy as brought into by Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, according to which 70% was contributed by the grant-aid and 30% by the management. That was the year when the schools were brought under the grant-aid mode. Comparing that year to the present situation, a lot of things have changed. Also, the number of schools have also reduced. The number earlier was 60 and now it is 50, these are the schools close to the border.

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This has affected a lot of students. India is aiming to provide education to all, at the same time a lot of students are not able to get this opportunity because of the scarcity of teachers. The students are being denied their basic right to education. On the other hand, the students studying in private schools are getting the education and so are better that these students. Not only this, a lot of schools also do not have a headmaster who can guide them. A lot of students are also from lower income groups which make it even more difficult for them.

The condition has become even worse after the government decided not to charge a fee from them. The government started not charging a fee from class 8th students and also from class 12th girl students. This situation made it even more difficult for the teachers to stay in school. As a result of which, there was no contribution made to the share of the school.

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