Are we open to sex education in this society?

Does this 21st century youth feels okay with the sex education in classrooms?  So, how do you react when someone forthrightly asks you whether you have done ‘it’? The matter of fact is, such questions are generally asked nowadays but the problem lies with the recipients of such questions. Not everyone is comfortable in being asked about their sex lives. People take it as an offence because they consider these questions an invasion to their privacy. In our country, sex is a four walls-confined act and the talks related to it should remain to that area itself. No wonder, why our population is always on an increasing spree. But instead of dealing with these hard-hitting facts, the issue is to understand why, even at this technological age which is at an uncontrolled pace, we Indians are not ready to talk about sex so freely.

Well, the answer is simple. The problem lies in our repulsion towards discussions. We do not like discussing about anything. Even the minute details of life are dismissed as trivial; therefore not even paid any attention to. It is not that only Indians have this tendency in prominence, yet, on a whole, we have developed repugnance on an ideological level and we are not ready to accept it anymore.

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Resultantly, that reflects in our reserved attitude when sex erupts anywhere in conversations. However, is the youth okay with sex or not? To affirm to this question would be unfair but to deny it would also be entirely wrong. The ones who were made open to sex education in schools may not find these question uncomfortable subsequently. But then again- have all been made privy to this education or not?

Statistically speaking, schools in rural India may take more years to accept sex education a part of their learning. And one cannot really blame them for this. Coming from different backgrounds is what serve as an impediment when their understandings are being experimented with. Dwelling with their background would have to be the first step, yet again, not everyone is ready to go to the core level for every initiative being taken. The urban slot is also not all-embracing but comparatively the scenario is far better when it comes understanding it. The youth is a bit like a fence-sitter at present; but the ones who are prepared since their school days do not show any shocking signs on their faces.

The answer to the question still lingers between yes and no but on the whole this education still has apprehensions attached to it.

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