Apparently, RPSC has no qualification criteria for RAS

Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) seemingly doesn’t have a minimum qualifying marks criteria for Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) because a candidates with just 10% marks in his/her degree education can get place in the merit.

In the Indian state of Rajasthan, becoming a teacher in a government school is much more difficult than becoming Rajasthan Administrative Services- RAS Officer. Do you know why? Because the aspiring candidates who wish to be at the designation of a Government Teacher are required to clear the Teacher’s Eligibility Test after they have obtained their Bachelor’s Degree in Education. But on the other hand, to be an RAS Officer, candidates who have scored just 10% marks in the exam are eligible. The reason for the same is RPSC, which selects candidates for RAS, has no fixed criteria on minimum passing marks.

Won’t it would be better that one should get a fake degree by hook or crook than going through all these hassles.

rpsc ras qualification

In the RAS, there is no minimum marks criterion and only merit decides the fate of candidates according to the number of posts. As per the norms, RPSC has to announce 15 eligible candidates for each post advertised by the state government. Which means, a candidate who scores only 10% marks in general awareness and knowledge paper or language paper can be selected because the cut-off marks according to his/her category are sufficient for selection.

In the recently declared result of RAS preliminary 2016, a candidate from SC widow category was announced eligible for RAS Mains on scoring just 19.18 out of 200 marks, which is not even 10%. Even in the general widow category, the cut-off remained 26.03 out of 200 marks, i.e., just 13% marks. The RAS exam result showed that cut-off for general candidates was 78.54 marks out of 200, i.e., less than 50%. Similarly, the cut-off for SC candidates went to 71.69 marks and for OBC it was 94.98 marks. While for SBC, 80.82 were the cut-off marks.

When questioned about the same, chairman of RPSC said that they are planning to fix minimum marks to pass in certain exams so that Rajasthan can get quality candidates on administrative posts. Soon they are planning to write to the state government for the same.

This is all happening, even when the Constitution of India states that the reservation should prevail in government jobs but there should at least be minimum marks to get selected for administrative jobs. How will an administrative officer who scored just 10% to 20% marks will govern or implement the programmes of the state or Central government properly.

In a country with the beautiful tradition of Guru Shishya Parampra, Guru, the teacher, occupies the most prestigious and iconic place. Considered more revered than god, teaching is the most respectful profession in India. Various state level teacher eligibility tests are to be cracked to be selected for state run/funded schools while for KVs and for the CBSE curriculum one needs to get 60% marks in CTET. For the classes I to V PRT level Paper I must be cleared. Then there are the administrative officers who don’t even have to toil hard and they sit on the highest designation taking care of the respective state.

[With inputs from Times of India report]
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