Another case of ragging at Lucknow University

In a recent incident of ragging at Lucknow university, a FIR was lodged against 19 students and issued show cause notice to 35 students. These are all the students who are involved in ragging. The incident took place at the Management hostel of the Lucknow university on September 22 on the second campus. Ragging cases in India have been growing at an uncontrollable speed and this is just another shameful addition to the row.

The action was taken on Friday against those students and after that 19 students were also suspended. 12 day-scholar students are banned from entering the campus. The university has also formed a committee that will look into the matter. The issue is growing at a worrisome rate and the government needs to take drastic steps to control the menace. The after effects of ragging are serious, it leads to students committing suicide, dropping out of the college. Sexual ragging takes the issue to yet another level.

The first year management students have lodged a complaint and said that they were stopped by 19 senior students and 12 day scholar students. They wanted them to introduce themselves, but didn’t stop at introduction only and instead started misbehaving with them. They forced the new students to inappropriate behavior. Some juniors were also assaulted when they refused. The students had then lodged the complaint with the proctor board last week.

Nishi Pandey, Chief Proctor, said, “We have taken the incident very seriously and guilty will be punished. Accused students have to show cause in three days.”

NK Pandey, the spokesperson of Lucknow university, said, “A five-member committee was formed after the proctor-in charge of the second campus informed the proctor office about the complaint. Those suspended cannot stay in the hostel till the committee has submitted its final report, he said. Day scholars whose entry has been barred were present in an unauthorized manner in the hostel at the time of the incident.”

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