Anna University inks pact with Fifth Generation to boost research

anna universityAnna University has inked an pact with Fifth generation- a multi-national research and innovation company and specializes in building “real-time intelligence” solutions and products. The company does so by providing all these solutions to the manufacturing company. Now the fifth generation has entered into an agreement with Anna University, Chennai. The aim of this agreement is to arrive at a useful prediction of the remaining life of critical equipment which are working now in the high-temperature environments.

The company will not be conducting this research alone, it will be inviting one of its clients to participate in the research. The client is expected to be an industry leader and also they deal in manufacturing such equipment, so this will help in the research.

Chief Executive Officer, Fifth Generation, Sumitra Seshan said “We wish to involve the user industry from the beginning of this research and make them participate as an integral member of our team so that the time to practical value of this research can be minimized.” This research is very unique in nature as it will be using three areas of physics, which are creep, fatigue, and corrosion. It is because of the usage of these three areas that one will be able to conduct the research and it will also help in arriving at a prediction of the remaining life of the critical instruments.

The research work will be conducted by a Ph.D. scholar, where he will also be getting funding from the PM Fellowship scheme for Doctoral research.

CTDT, also known as the Centre for Technology Development and Transfer, will be monitoring the whole process of research. This is a centre which has been set up by the Anna University and this aims to transfer knowledge between the academia and the industry. Not only this, Anna University was the first Indian university to build a satellite of its own under the guidance of ISRO. The name of the satellite is ANUSAT, Anna University Satellite. Its mission ended in the year 2012.

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