An interactive session with the Delhi Chief Minister

The clash or conflict between the Centre and the state government of Delhi seems unceasing. The BJP and AAP parties are always at loggerheads over whatever policies either party comes up with. Recently, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, deprecated the central government over its move to reduce the education budget. Kejriwal said that this move by the government might prove to be detrimental to the country. In an interactive session that took place in the capital, he listed out the initiatives taken by the Aam Aadmi Party for the state while also pinpointing that with this move of the central government, the government is not just playing with the future of education but also that of the youth.

The main focus of the criticism was the ‘no-detention policy‘ under which every student is promoted till class 9. The chief minister also called for the repeal of this policy as he said that policy dampens the very purpose of quality education that the country has to promote. “If this system continues then the future may be in peril, unemployment will be widespread. The Centre has a no-detention policy in place till Class 8. But it is found that in Class 9, students suffer from depression and even commit suicide as they can’t read and write. This no-detention policy should end, this is ruining the country. I appeal to the Centre to clear the bill we have passed in this regard,” he said.

The minister’s words echo the fate that the Bihar toppers met which drew flak from all parts of the country. The kind of quality of education that the students are receiving is reflected in the results that they get. With this, if such policy comes into force, the relegation of education would be predictable. In his ‘Talk to AK‘ session, which was 40 minutes long, the chief minister highlighted how his government is giving attention to education, health, power and water. He also covered extensively the issue of compensating the farmers who receive loss of land due to crop damage.

He gave a detailed study of his party’s work in the power sector which clashes with the private discoms. The tone of self-appreciation could be identified with when he said that power rates are the lowest in Delhi and the main is the extremely poor distribution network. “If a family in Delhi consumes 400 units, the cost would be Rs 1,370. The same would be over Rs 2,500 in Gujarat, Rs 4,300 in Mumbai, Rs 2,927 in Kolkata and Rs 2,690 in Punjab.”

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